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Why I write this blog

This blog is a place where my family and friends can go to check on my current condition. If I am posting, they know that I am alive! and coherent enough to string a few ideas together. For myself, designing a unique website and creating blog posts is a fun, free, and creative hobby. And sharing blogs with others enables me to meet interesting strangers with wise and hilarious thoughts who live in places that I will never be.

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Weather — From Colorado extreme to Washington tedium

Any time I see a weather forecast in the Pacific Northwest, I remember that there are 10,000 words in Eskimo for snow. There must be at least that many words for rain in the Northwest. They could replace all forecasts with the simple, “Unremitting gray sky, with some form of water falling from it, either now or later.”

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Alive and … not really well … but definitely “not dead yet” and cheerful!

Merry Happy! Here are four virtual presents for you from Summersday at Current Conditions. First a short boring update about how I am doing, then (1) High quality video and jpeg from the “I’m not dead yet!” Monty Python sketch, (2) A unabashed silly cat and dog video (cats stealing dog beds), (3) a less known Christmas video speculating “What would happen if animals were round,” and finally — hot off the press — (4) a mini Sherlock Holmes episode from the creators. Enjoy!